Welcome to 2-liter gardening.
Curiousity, a desire to add a garden to that small space, or just because it looked neat. Whatever the reason that brought you here, Welcome! I like to find new ways to use objects and with all this, "save the planet," stuff I thought I could probably come up with something to help that cause. I'm a design drafter, by trade, that works for a company that focuses on buiding displays out of steel wire or rod. It occurred to me that steel wire would be a great way to and some strength to some on the 2-liter designs I have seen online. I came up with some designs and put them together on this website. I hope you will find something that will help you to make your space a little more "green."
     I am a person with no focus. I learn of a new hobby or craft or interest and study it. I tend to work with it over and over until I feel I have had some amount of sucess with it. Then I get bored and look for something new. This has caused me to have a lot of unrelated skills. Yet, the more skills I gain, the more relationships between the skill sets I find.
 More to come...